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What is Transnet?
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Transnet Experimental Approach

  The objectives of Transnet are:

1.To establish an interactive consortium of transplantation scientists and clinicians who will undertake the molecular modeling and validation of gene expression signatures associated with alloantigen independent transplantation and alloantigen dependent transplantation injury.

2.To establish an infrastructure core which will provide the technical platform for performing gene expression profiles of experimental and clinical transplant samples. This core will be responsible for data acquisition and analysis. Higher order molecular modeling will be determined in consultation with individual investigators.

3.To design and construct informatic and technical tools to complement existing software and technical gene expression tools for analyzing gene expression profiles associated with immune and non immune mediated transplantation injury.

4.To establish a web-based forum for exchange of gene expression profiling data sets. This forum will facilitate modeling and validation.

  Transnet has brought together a team of more than ten scientists from five centers, Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Toronto, and Montreal, throughout Canada. These scientists have expertise in small and large animal models of allotransplantation, transplantation injury, clinical outcomes, genomics and gene expression profiling. These scientists are internationally recognized leaders in the transplantation and immunology communities. We have also established vital links with the Clinical Genomics Center in Toronto and CanVac both of which will lend technical expertise and allow access to proprietary reagents for analyzing immune responses. Furthermore, the newly developed Center for Immunogenomics Research in Toronto will contribute resources and act as the central node for gene expression profiling.

  University Health Network, Toronto Canada

  In simplest terms Transnet will perform hypothesis driven experiments with testable outcomes and gather tissue or clinical samples from transplant experiments conducted in human, primate and rodent models. The Transnet core will perform DNA microarray analysis on these samples, and analyze the data sets using simple informatic tools to identify important identifiers of injury, and higher order analysis to identify complex interactions previously known and unknown.